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Case Study 05

Thought Leadership/Influencer Advocacy Channel Strategy and Implementation

Strategy & Skills:
Twitter Platform, Target Audience Research and Segmentation, Thought Leadership Messaging, Engagement/Performance Measurement
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Campaign Overview

Build an online community across the eastern regions of the country where UPMC has been expanding that can be mobilized to act online and offline in repeatable and predictable ways in helping support and advocate for healthcare policy. Work done in tandem with UPMC’s existing public affairs mechanism to build trust, protect brand reputation, and position UPMC as a leader in global healthcare and innovation. among audiences who matter (think legislative teams, lawmakers, media, and high-profile medical leaders).

  • Goal 1: Community Growth 

KPI — Growth of UPMC’s Twitter followers and email list; 500 followers in first 90 days, then channel turned over to UPMC PA Group for internal management.

  • Goal 2: Community Engagement  

KPI — Engagements around UPMC’s Corporate & Public Affairs priorities to build media and influencer lists for Email campaigns.

Target Audience: Audiences who matter (think legislative arms of state and federal levels, high-profile medical leaders, health advocacy voices).

Results & Successes

Reached 500 followers and segmented by audience type to roll out Email newsletter(s); current follower base has grown beyond 6600.

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