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Case Study 04

B2B Lead Generation Search and Display Campaign

Strategy & Skills:
Keyword Planning, Paid Search (Google Ads), Paid Social (Facebook & LinkedIn), YouTube, Segmentation, Website Landing Pages, B2B Messaging, A/B Testing, Email Nurture Campaign


Campaign Overview

The focus of this campaign was to promote users of rival companies' software to switch to our competing software. The launch was a full-funnel structure with 30-day insights optimization based on performance. 

  • TOF = video prospecting (:15 and :30 A/B Test)

  • MOF = remarketing video views of 10 sec or more; CTA eBook

  • BOF = remarketing eBook downloads


Goals: Paid = Trials/Subscriptions; Display = Leads

Target audience: Segmented by industry (architecture, education, competing software brand) and professional title.

Results & Findings 4Q19 over 1Q20

2019 was the first year Display was used in this ongoing campaign, and although weak in performance and hight in Cost/Lead 4Q19, the numbers greatly improved in 1Q20 with a 76% decrease in C/L and a 261% increase in Leads.

Search metrics remained consistent QoQ and showing better numbers from prior year of the campaign. Search continued to bring in the greater number of leads and Cost/Trial remained favorable.

A chart of data peaks and valleys on a black background.
A chart of data showing peaks and valleys on a black background.
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