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Case Study 03

SEO-Ready Website Relaunch

Strategy & Skills:
On-Page, Off-Page SEO Writing, ADA Compliance Mitigation, Internal Linking Strategy, Blogging/SEM

A woman with arms wrapped around a man's shoulders and kissing him on the cheek.

Campaign Overview

The website for an emerging brand had not been designed with an SEO strategy and had low traffic numbers for non-branded organic search. There also had been no optimizations to comply with ADA requirements to make accessibility accommodations to enable the disabled public access to the site.


Goals: Rewrite top- and sub-level landing pages; add meta and alt tags and redesign creative website assets to align with target SEO keywords and ADA requirements.

Target audience: prospect patients and/or family members looking for cancer rehabilitation therapy and support services.

Objectives and KPIs

- Generate higher SERP in Google results, increase brand visibility, and traffic to home page, ensuring that search terms would be reflective of business goals.

- Use blog to capture ongoing new traffic to the site.

- Gain continuously improved visibility against tracked competitors.


​The charts reflect the success of this approach in the relaunch on Feb 27, 2023. A regular series of blogs carried into SEM to nurture steady traffic.




A graph charts showing up and down website traffic by month.
A graph chart showing lines of data.
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