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Case Study 02

High-Performing Lead Generation Social Media Campaign: Asia GTM Exploration

Strategy & Skills:
LinkedIn Ads, Social Listening, Website Landing Pages, B2B Messaging, Audience Segmenting, A/B Testing

Map of Southeast Asia

Campaign Overview

Test the theory that the Southeast Asian entertainment market (Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia) due to government drivers for a 10-year push to grow its favorability as an international film and theatrics hub, as well as insights gained through social listening, would be receptive to architectural and entertainment lighting software products from the U.S.


Goals: TOF Product Awareness and CTR to indicate interest in scaling for MOF/BOF campaigns to capture new revenue.

Target audience: architectural engineers and lighting design professionals using competitor products.

Objectives and KPIs

- Generate CTR and identify best-performing audience by segment to launch MOF and BOF campaigns.

- From traffic to Landing Pages decrease CPR within 6 months.

Lead Generation

​- Facebook and LinkedIn Ads campaigns 






Leveraged frequency of ad impressions at 5.1, within goal of 5-7

Achieved 56% decrease in CPM from initial $25 CPM at launch

A/B Testing determined ad messaging with CTA of "Watch video" outperformed messaging that did not include the CTA.

Top CTRs were identified as company sizes having:

1  employee

11-50 employees

51-200 employees

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