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Case Study 01

Results-Driven Paid Search Demand Gen, Multi-Brand GTM Campaign

Strategy & Skills:
Google Ads, Website SEO, Competitor Insights, B2C Messaging, Ad Performance Optimization (actual ads shown below)

A woman wearing a neck brace smiling and holding the arm of a man in front of a fountain outdoors.

Campaign Overview

Goals: TOF Brand Awareness (website SEO) through BOF Lead Acquisition for 15 brands facing increasing competition from established brands and new entries into key US markets.

Target audience: prospects looking for healthcare services or providers. 

Objectives and KPIs

- Generate effective and continuous inbound traffic model for new users

- Grow traffic to landing pages

- Increase QMLs 

Lead Generation

​- Optimized core landing pages for improved organic search rankings (2022); used Google Search Console to identify real-time search terms with high traffic volume and build into campaign search keywords.

- Launched a Google Ads campaign to complement the SEO strategy, targeting keywords.

- Used lead generation methods of website contact forms and click-to-call.


4Q22 into 1Q23, lead generation brought in 1200+ leads with Google Ads responsible for 91% and SEO organic accounting for 9%.

Website organic visitors climbed by 40% compared to previous year, yielding 108 leads from SEO efforts.

ROAS improved over the time period, contributing a 6:1 return with $3M revenue capture.

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